Designer, Visual Specialist

Creative Director and Owner of - Tyler has over ten years of programming, web, and graphic design experience. They received a Masters of Architecture from the UK College of Design. For over four years, they were a Senior Designer and Project Manager for Brook Landscape, a New York City-based design-build firm. Passions are focused towards design, art, traveling, nature, and the human experience.

Visual Design Studio

At, we are architects, designers, artists, and builders focused on providing continuity throughout a brand. We’ve found that our work can be influenced by meditation on our lifestyle, most importantly through a focus towards nature and the importance of clarity. We live to express the human experience through Design, Lifestyle, and Visual Art.

Reaching the Next Level

Connect with gamers, join groups, engage in discussions, compete in tournaments, and rise through the ranks. Rank up by completing quests, unlocking badges, and obtain awards through community engagement.

Art Activism

PeaceState is Louisville’s first intersectional art activist collective. Our mission is to harness the power of artwork to disrupt systemic oppression, confront police brutality, and amplify the voices of BIPOC.

Recently featured on LEO - Five artists: How the protests influence their art.

Landscape + Architecture

Brook Landscape is a New York based design-build studio. Our aim is to transform outdoor living spaces into unique natural environments. Through cohesive plant-scapes and architecturally appropriate features, a tranquil garden takes shape. We focus on the use of sustainable materials that age gracefully, coupled with timeless objects and forms. The end result invites you outdoors.

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